Adventures in the Real World

So yeah.. I guess “I’ve been busy” just won’t cut it. I’ll spare you the details only I care about because I feel guilty for not updating this like ever and get into the reason why I’m excited.

Brief overview- I’ve continued to develop my monster making skills, they’re super cute and non-threatening. I’ve done a few craft shows (fun!) and I have an etsy store these days (complete bust, but probably somewhat my fault). I’ve actually been taking a break from monsters since late last summer, and instead have started exploring what got me into monsters in the first place- dolls. But not super cute (well okay they’re cute) super feminine dolls, but something more like this:

Clearly frightening, amiright?

Clearly frightening, amiright?

Or these trio of girls- forgive the middle one not having eyes, I forgot to snap a pic after I put them on… bummer, but still:
Punk girlIn short dolls have started to ignite my creativity again- so yay there!


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