So there I was…

Remembering that hey, I have a wordpress site that I’d like to actually tell some people about some stuff on.

And.. then I got busy. 

Okay fine, I got lazy. Busy is when you can’t post until the next day- Lazy is when you don’t do it for like.. two years. What can I say? I’m not always comfortable blathering on about myself and my activities. Seems so… egocentric >.>

So, here’s the situation. I’m a knitter, I knit and at this point, I’ve found a niche. I see that in the previous posts I was beginning to hop on the monster train and let me tell you a couple of things:


1) That stash has (mostly) been busted- not as much as I would like to have gone, but definitely more than it was the last time I posted 😉

2) I’ve settled down and found my passion in knitting- monsters. All kinds, shapes and sizes of monsters- crocheted, knitted, whatever comes to mind.

3) I even occasionally go to a craft show or sell them on Etsy.

4) I really really love it and wish I could make gobs of money doing it. Sadly some skills aren’t as profitable as others.

So I’ve made progress, even if I haven’t kept the faith here. 


Here’s a few of my guys that have found new homes recently:


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