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All kinds of news on classes- First of all- mine are *almost* done, just a few more weeks and the nothing but nothing until next fall- so yay there!

But.. more importantly, the girls have been going to a couple of different classes down at the local community center for the last few Tuesdays- one a science class on seeds and plants, the other a general recreation type of class, which is more or less a way for them to blow off some steam.

I’m really liking the classes down at the center though- it gives us a chance to get out of the house (although I see that as being less of a problem as its FINALLY starting to warm up. 

And with that I come to this- I’m going to start sharing some of the science things we’re doing here at home. I’m finding that both of the girls have lots they want to explore, and experiments they want to run- the problem there really is picking out just one thing to focus on. Right now I think we’re going to complement the seed and plant studies they’re doing with comparisons to meiosis and general sexual reproduction. Yeah I know.. light subject- hah! They’re both ready for it and keep asking me questions like “So, what do you mean when you say I have your eyes? I mean.. I really don’t have *your* eyes, what the heck?” or “I get how humans are made, but how are plants/bugs/mold/fungi made?” (we get that one a lot) 

Fantastic time to be starting this topic, I’ll try to hop on later this week with some of the conceptual stuff I’ll be doing with this if anyone’s interested.


Scraps Pt. 1

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Okay, so I’m late (by a day).. this is better than anticipated. heh

Alright, here goes… I wanted to start off with a monster, but that’s going to have to wait, it’s simply not what came to me. But.. to stay at least a bit on point.. here’s what did:

Of course it was a doll that came to me first.

Of course it was a doll that came to me first.

I like her I think..

She was followed up by:

Curly Sue

All made with recycled yarn with the exception of the little witches green hair. Added bonus? The curls in the other girls hair… apparently even acrylic holds memory if you keep it knitted for long enough.

So yeah, other than that one small confession- I DID go out and buy some more yarn today.. it was clearance-d out, and a really really good deal. I’ll feel bad about it tomorrow, promise.

It’s been a bit

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What can I say? I’ve been busy. Learning new stuff, teaching people other stuff.

So, to quickly recap- I’m a knitter. I knit whatever comes into my head. I also crochet- actually, a LOT of crochet lately.. but it goes back and forth.

Which means I have a rather sizable stash of small, not-quite-a-project’s-worth of yarn, not to mention a lot of partial oddball pieces where I was trying to figure out how to shape something or a certain stitch or what not. In short, a box full of yarn that just sits and accumulates at the bottom of my wall of stash.

Bask in the glory!

Bask in the glory!

Until now.

I’ve challenged myself on two levels- 1) Post here.. like at all.

2) Destroy the stash, but without throwing it away.

It’s not really a challenge without a few rules though. So here they are-

1)At least one piece every three days. These are short and quick projects.
2) At least 55% of the piece must be from reclaimed or oddball yarn. Preferred 75% or more from reclaimed. (I’m giving myself a little wiggle room because this isn’t meant to be completely restrictive- If I really need a certain color, I already know I”m going to use it no matter what the rule is, so I might as well set up one that’s going to work.)

Other than that.. this is meant to be more of a creative exercise with the added bonus of reducing something I’m “always meaning to get to” but somehow never do.