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Fall Foliage

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Okay, here’s what I’ve been up to-

a) organized my knitting supplies, or rather my critter supplies because not all of it’s knitting stuff or even yarn or needles- and as I’m generally disheveled, I have to do this on a regular basis or I won’t find a thing. So.. success!

b) A friend of mine contracted me to make some legwarmers for her. Orange legwarmers. *Burnt* orange legwarmers. While the hunt for the right yarn was entertaining, and a bit aggravating, I finally landed on it- a color called Fall Foliage. So yay there- it’s here, it’s gorgeous and I’ll embark on this project shortly after I’m done with this post.

and finally, c) Finished the crochet fruit baskets that I’d like to throw up on Etsy as soon as I find boxes to ship them in.  They’re a fun short term project- I’ll probably be making more of these.

Things I’d like to do:

Get pictures of my monsters and girls up here.

I’ve found an amazing crochet stitch in the last few days that I think- if properly manipulated could produce some amazing possibilities for some fresh monsters. Will keep you updated on when I have some more to say about that. 😉


Aaaand done…

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ImageThere.. finally done with both the teddy bear and making those rough pencil notes look like something pretty. Will post the pattern later, running to do.. and woo hoo, my first pic! This could get addicting….

Edit: The pattern is now available below: 😀

Teddy Bear Pattern

Teddy Bear and the LYS

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Over the last couple of weeks, some interesting things have happened. Here’s a convenient bulleted list- in no particular order:

1) Finished up my spring semester classes- yay summer!

2) Orange legwarmers- my dearest friend wants a pair of orange legwarmers to match her orange sundress. I’m sure it will be adorable. She asked me to make them for her. Whee!

3) My doll pattern is finalized, now I just need to get it tested before throwing it out there to the etherspace.

4) And speaking of patterns and legwarmers… while I was out searching for the perfect shade of orange for aforementioned legwarmers- not too alarming, and heaven forbid we stumble into something peach- I started scouring my local yarn shop, trying to find both the perfect shade and the appropriate weight.. oh and something not to scratchy, and something that will have some memory, and and and.. yeah, it’s been an adventure 😀 In any case, I was in a new yarn shop and while I was there a youngish woman came in with a box full of toys that all the yarn shops in my area collect to donate to the police. I’m not sure exactly how it came up, but I mentioned that not only did I both crochet and knit, but I made toys for my amusement. The ladies there mentioned that while they didn’t have a lot of crocheters, it would be nice if they had some new patterns for them, like maybe a teddy bear pattern for the donation box. I cracked my knuckles and said.. I’ll be back. 

So, I’ve been working on a new pattern. I’m just about done with it and when I am I will post it up for folks to enjoy. It’ll be a good dry run for me and all for a good cause, amirite?